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Learn it the 'Raaight' way...

Our goal is to be that strong foundation of our students to make them capable of not just achieving big milestones in India, butgetting worldwide recognition from a skill level viewpoint.


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AEMP 3months1024_1.jpg


Here at Mix With Vasudev Studios, we understand the importance of having a mentor in the process of growth and learning. So, we make sure that the students stay connected and get continuous help and feedback even after the completion of their respective courses.

The role of one’s surroundings is pretty significant to one’s growth. Mix With Vasudev Studios has always focused on it and have an Alumni community where students are added after finishing their courses to interact with other like-minded people, share music, and learn new things daily.

For all our online batches, we share the recordings of the session with all the students to make it easier for them to revise any topic anytime.

Genres (In-depth study of Reggae, Soul, Country, Funk, Jazz,
Hip-Hop, House, Modern R&B, Techno,
Drum & Bass, Dubstep, EDM etc.)
Music Theory, Staff Notation (Major/Minor Scales, Grand Staff,
Treble/Bass Clefs, Understanding Rhythm, Representation)
Piano Basics (Music Theory Implementation, Finger Exercises,
Chord Progressions)
Sound Theory (Fundamentals of Sound, Signal Flow, Analog vs
Digital, Sample Rate, Bit Depth, Bit Rate)
Introduction to DAW (Ableton, Logic Pro X)
MIDI (Theory & Practical - Creating a Song From Scratch,
Arranging, VSTs - Kontakt, Omnisphere)
Recording (Theory & Practical - Microphones, Polar Patterns,
Stereo Miking Techniques, Pre Amps, Converters, DI Box, Gain
Staging, Recording Techniques)

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